People and Place

15 Hundred Lives Group Photo - People and Places 21 August-26 September 2015

15 Hundred Lives’ collagist Sylvie Evans, printmaker Rose Davies and seascape painter Graham Parker come together for an exciting new exhibition which opens at the Ceri Richards Gallery, Taliesin Arts Centre in Swansea University at 6:00pm on Friday 21 August and runs until Saturday 26 September.

The show, entitled People and Place, is a powerful collection of new artwork in differing media that combine seamlessly into a moving and engaging exploration of how we inhabit, sense and shape our environment.

Rose Davies presents Er Gof (In Memory) a body of work inspired by her visit to Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial, Graham Parker shows ‘The sea – my dangerous love’ which interprets the emotion, history and physicality of Swansea Bay and Sylvie Evans portrays Swansea in a different light, disorientating and deceiving the viewer with plays on scale and perspective, masking the real from the imaginary.

Printmaker and scribbler Rose says:

“I visited Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial during a recent harsh winter when it was under a couple of feet of snow, transforming it into something uncanny and ethereal which has inspired the techniques and imagery used for this exhibition.

My generation was raised by those who endured two World Wars and grew up remembering parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles who suffered or died during the conflicts. The act of remembrance was always with us and I take this as my starting point as I explore my feelings and memories with this new body of drawings and linocut prints.

l’ll be dropping in and drawing live at the Taliesin Arts Centre during the exhibition so that visitors can see what goes into creating a work of art. It’s a great chance to show people how an artwork develops from a blank piece of paper and a box of charcoal into a finished piece in a frame on a wall and I like to chat and discuss my techniques and ideas with people who pass by.”

Seascape painter Graham Parker says:

“My work for People and Place at Taliesin focuses on Swansea Bay. Born and raised in Swansea, I have an affinity with the sea. The beaches around Swansea are constantly changing and I aim to capture the joy and spirit of the changing moods of the sea in my paintings. Applying paint in layers and varying textures enables me to capture the dancing forms within waves and the constantly changing skies and light. The storms that have hit us in recent years are a stark reminder of the fierce power of the sea. I aim to depict that wild, dynamic energy in my paintings and to share the wonder of the sea with those who view my work.

I’ve also been working with local poet Melanie Kinge on the tale of the Misses Angels, sisters whose farm on the Green Grounds, off Mumbles Head, was submerged on 20 January 1607 when a great tidal wave engulfed various locations along the Bristol Channel from Swansea to Bristol. It is said that the sisters were cursed after they resisted the laying down of a path and that’s why their farm was lost to the sea. Melanie’s poem, which she’s called Angel Isle, will feature as part of my show.”

Collagist Sylvie Evans says:

“Our artwork stems from our individual and personal experiences of people and places both locally and further afield. We’re privileged to have the opportunity to work with the Oriel Ceri Richards at the Taliesin and believe that our diverse range of styles, media and subject matter will appeal to a wide range of tastes.

At times during the exhibition we’ll be working on new pieces of art in the bar area; during these sessions we hope to share some of our skills and hope that visitors to the Taliesin will take the opportunity to learn more about our art practices. We also hope that they will feel motivated by our tremendous enthusiasm and commitment to community art and perhaps be inspired to give expression to their own artistic talents.”

In addition to their exhibition in the main gallery, a short documentary about the artists by Swansea writer and film maker Melvin Williams will be presented, as well as further art installations and live art events within the Taliesin Arts Centre complex.

For more information, please refer to our Facebook page.

Our next exhibition takes place at Swansea Museum from 31st March to 17th May 2015 inclusive. Please come along between 10:00 and 4pm Tuesday-Sunday to view our work.

15 Hundred Lives exhibition 31st May 2014 - 7th June 2014

For more information, please refer to our Facebook page and also the Museum's website.

What does Rosie Scribblah do?

Rose is a printmaker and a member of Swansea Print Workshop which has traditional and modern printing presses, from a 19th century cast iron and brass Columbian press to modern computer design facilities and digital printers. She prepares her printing plates, screens or blocks in her home studio and then inks them up by hand and prints them on the antique presses at the print workshop.

Her prints on display at Swansea Museum are block, or relief, prints. These are made by drawing a design onto a block, usually lino, wood or foamboard and then cutting the design out with special tools.

15 Hundred Lives Artist - Rose Davies

Once the cutting is finished, she rolls special printing ink onto the block until there is a thin, even layer all over it. Then she puts it into an antique Columbian press with a bit of paper on top, pulls the handle and out comes a print. She usually makes between 10 and 30 prints from a single block. This is called an 'edition' and each one is numbered and signed.

15 Hundred Lives Artist - Print Press Image

Here is an antique Columbian printing press. It was invented by an American, George Clymer in 1813 but it didn't sell well in the USA so he moved to Britain where it became very popular. It was the first printing press that allowed a newspaper to be printed in a single pull. It continued to be made for over a century. The Columbian at Swansea Print Workshop is dated 1855. Queen Victoria was on the British throne when it was made.

What does Graham Parker do?

SWANSEA Bay's constantly changing shoreline takes centre stage in Graham's abstract and seascape paintings. Born and raised in Swansea, Graham has an affinity with the sea. His parents took him and his sister on long walks and swims on the Gower Coastline. The beaches around Swansea are constantly changing and Graham aims to capture the joy and spirit of the changing moods of the sea in his paintings.

15 Hundred Lives Artist - Graham Parker

Applying paint in layers and varying textures enables him to capture the dancing forms within waves and the constantly changing skies and light. The storms that hit Swansea Bay last year were a stark reminder of the fierce power of the sea. Graham aims to depict that wild, dynamic energy in his paintings and to share the thrill and wonder that experience with those who view his work."

Encompassing landscape and abstraction, Graham's work is derived from, and conceived as a result of, an intimate emotional and cerebral relationship with his native Swansea Bay coastline. He explores the exceptional physical qualities of paint to full effect, allowing his creativity to run unrestrained, producing fluid, organic forms that are full of movement and often bursting with colour.

Graham's work has immediacy and authenticity. Harmonious wholeness and visual lyricism can be seen in juxtaposition to stark, intellectual, grounded realism in these vibrant painting. You can contact Graham by email at grahamparkerartist@gmail.com or see more of his work on www.15hundredlives.co.uk or www.grahamparkerartist.co.uk

What does Sylvie Evans do?

Sylvie is a collagist working mainly with the printed image. Starting with her own photographs and experiences of familiar places, she begins by deconstructing the traditional representation or view of a place. Photomontage techniques allow her to change the scale and perspective and to remove and add alternative structures into the landscape to create new spaces. Thus, at first glance, the viewer may think they recognise the place, but they then begin to question reality and realise that in the seemingly familiar place everything is not always as it first appears.

Sylvie usually uses small pointed scissors or a scalpel and rubber cutting board to precisely remove unwanted areas of images. Occasionally, however, as well as cutting carefully, she is also happy to tear images to create rougher edges. When using photographs, she wears thin cotton gloves to prevent the natural oils in the skin from damaging the photograph and leaving finger prints.

Once images have been arranged, layered, re-arranged or turned, PVA glue or Pritt stick is then used to glue them in place on a plain background or a larger printed image. Other materials may also be added to provide additional texture, perspective and interest.

15 Hundred Lives Artist - Sylvie Evans

Even when the same or similar images are used as a starting point to create a piece of art, no two collages ever turn out the same. Each completed artwork is unique as images are cut and materials arranged in different ways.

Our next exhibition takes place at Creative Bubble, Cradock Street, Swansea from 31st May to 7th June 2014 inclusive. Come along between 12:30 and 5pm each day to meet the artists and watch them at work.

15 Hundred Lives exhibition 31st May 2014 - 7th June 2014

For more information, please refer to our Facebook page.

Our exhibition at The Brunswick has been extended to April 5th. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out at this lovely real-ale pub, known for it's home cooking and family-friendly Sunday lunches. The Brunz has been an arts venue for almost 9 years and has shown many well-established local contemporary artists.

15 Hundred Lives Art Exhibition at the Brunswick in Swansea

You and your guests are invited to the opening of ‘15 Hundred Lives @ The Brunswick’ on Wednesday 11th December; a new exhibition of contemporary painting, collage, drawing and printmaking from Swansea artists Sylvie Evans, Graham Parker and Rose Davies.

Please join us at The Brunswick, 3, Duke Street, Swansea SA1 4HS anytime from 7pm for affordable art, cake and a lovely time, but don’t worry if you can’t come to the opening as the show will be running daily from 11.30am to 11.00pm until 5th April 2014.

Artwork can be bought directly from The Brunswick during opening hours.

Exciting New Exhibition for Swansea-based Art Group

Exciting new exhibition for 15 Hundred Lives

15 Hundred Lives

Sylvie Evans, Rose Davies and Graham Parker bring challenging but accessible contemporary art right into the heart of the City and County of Swansea. White Room & Level One, Swansea Grand Theatre, Monday 4th February to Friday 15 February 2013.

Graham Parker, co-founder of '15 Hundred Lives', says:

"Swansea is rapidly establishing itself as the cultural heart of Wales and ‘15 Hundred Lives’ aims to make that heartbeat even stronger."

Sylvie Evans co-founder of '15 Hundred Lives' says:

"Our artists use a wide range of media so everyone should discover something which not only interests them but also allows them to gain a fresh perspective on the world. We hope that the people of Swansea will come to view our exhibition and take the opportunity to chat to the artists about their work."

Rose Davies, who has recently joined '15 Hundred Lives', says:

“I’m delighted to be part of this vibrant new art group. The exhibition will showcase contemporary art that challenges, intrigues and engages with Swansea and its diverse population.”

Debut Exhibition for Swansea-based Art Group

Swansea Based Artists - 15 Hundred Lives - Group Photo

Report taken from Swansea Metropolitan University Press Release

A contemporary art group, made up of five Swansea Metropolitan University mature students, is to host its first exhibition in the city, next week.

Swansea-based Fine Art students Sylvie Evans (55 years old), Donna Rae Jones (43), Heather Lithgow (62 years old), Graham Parker (57 years old) and Alice Saville (47 years old) have created an art group called '15 Hundred Lives'. The group's first exhibition will run from Tuesday 15th until Friday 28th November on Level 2 and within the White Room of Swansea's Grand Theatre.

'15 Hundred Lives' is an artist-led initiative which aims to show accessible, contemporary visual art right in the heart of the City and County of Swansea and its diverse communities. Within the group, the artists combine their individual skills in photography, film, sculpture, ceramics and painting.

Graham Parker, co-founder of '15 Hundred Lives', said: "We are very excited to bring contemporary art out of the galleries and into the heart of the City and County of Swansea. The exhibition at the Grand Theatre features a selection of our individual artwork executed in a variety of media and covering diverse themes. We will also be screening our fist collaborative work, a video production called 15 Hundred Hours which was filmed on location in Swansea."