Chris Harrendence

Chris Harrendence is a artist and illustrator who lives on a Welsh hillside just past the 'middle of nowhere'. He shares this hillside with his wife, two children and a cat. He spends his time creating his creative curiosities, venting visual vexations, nurturing neurological nonsense and sketching psychological silliness.

Swansea Based Artists - Guest Artist, Chris Harrendence

Lucy Read

Lucy Read explores the continuing themes of comfort and nourishment as staples of survival. Utilizing a range of materials often taken from every day use that play on multiple senses, she draws the viewer in creating an interaction within the exhibition space. Lucy's fascination with space, material and process combine to create a practice based in sculpture, textiles, performance and drawing, using both soft and hard materials. She endeavors to create a certain kind of aesthetic, which brings together handmade and digital processes, coupled with a conceptual thread that runs throughout. Lucy's most recent work explores the mouth and lips as boundary between self and other, using the to mouth represent holding space for breath, voice and abject, it is a site of creativity.

Swansea Based Artists - Guest Artist, Lucy Read