Rose Davies

Graduating from Art College at the end of the 70ís, I survived punk, post-modernism and the rise of Thatcherism with my belief in traditional art values and particularly drawing, intact. Graduating in printmaking, I continued to draw after leaving college, but like many other struggling young artists at that time I developed a secondary career, spending many years working with drug / alcohol dependent people, the homeless and those with criminal behaviour. My work with severely damaged and excluded people has influenced me deeply and reflects my admiration for the beauty and resilience of the human body, existing within the often harsh conditions of the modern city. At the turn of the century, I started to move back into the arts, becoming an artist/member of Swansea Print Workshop, developing my artistic practice and building a body of work. I am now a full-time artist, working from my studio in Swansea.

Image of Artist, Rose Davies

I am an avid artblogger, posting a drawing a day at and am also on Facebook and Twitter @RosieScribblah. My website is