Sylvie Evans

In spite of experimenting with a diverse range of practices and developing new skills, Sylvie’s commitment to collage has grown over the years. Initially her work was about destroying and rebuilding relationships, which stemmed from her personal experience of issues such as adoption and mixed race; now, however, her interest lies much more in the portrayal of place.

Starting with her own photographs and experiences of familiar places, she begins by deconstructing the traditional representation of a place. Photomontage techniques have allowed her to play with scale and perspective, to remove and add alternative structures into the landscape to create new spaces. The viewer thus begins to question reality, becoming disorientated, confused and deceived by the seemingly familiar place where everything is not always as it first appears.

Sylvie is continually trying to create places which are both temporary and permanent, real and imaginary, but she is now experimenting further with the techniques of collage/assemblage, applying two-dimensional images to a three-dimensional surface. Placing both images and objects alongside each other in three-dimensional spaces, she uses colours and materials which will interact together to create their own tension and drama.

Sylvie Evans - image of Swansea Bay Postcard